How to burn a teaspoon of sugar?

Photo: Mae, Unsplash

Our bodies consume energy at different speeds according to age, gender, weight, fitness, etc.

However, we can give a few examples of activities and answer the above question: How long would one have to be active to burn one heaped teaspoon of sugar (30 kilocalories).


CHILD UP to 12 years


Doing homework

24 minutes

14 minutes

Walking / cycling / dancing

8 minutes

5 minutes

Running or swimming

4 minutes

2,5 minutes

Sweeping or vacuuming

10 minutes

7 minutes

There are up to 7 heaped teaspoons of sugar in a small bottle of sweet carbonated drink (0.5 l). One has to run for half an hour or walk for an hour or do the homework for almost 3 hours or sweep the floor for 70 minutes to burn these calories.

Unhealthy fog

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